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Love at First Sight

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Sapphire Blue



A luxury rose arrangement made of real white roses that last up to five years arranged in a square elegant suede box.

Representing, humility, purity and innocence, the white rose - often referred to as the bridal rose - is associated with young love. In Scotland, when the white rose bloomed in autumn, it was seen as a token of early marriage. White roses can also symbolize respect or remembrance. It is a way to say “I’m thinking of you,” making them the appropriate choice to send someone who is grieving the loss of a loved one.

Unlike the circle, the square shape has different representations including the four elements (air, water, fire, earth), the four seasons (Winter, Spring, Summer, Autumn), the four cosmic elements (Suns, Moons, Planets Stars) but most importantly represents the four common phases of human life: Birth, Childhood, Adulthood and Death symbolizing balance, foundation, and integrity.

It might be best to save these beauties for a more somber moment. Generally associated with marriage and spirituality, they actually mean a "heart unacquainted with love". Love, at first sight, is a form of unacquainted love.